Christmas In July

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Working in the Christmas industry, my social networks over the past few days have been jam packed with “Christmas in July” inspiration from all the top retailers & leading experts (Not on the High street; Etsy; Aldi; Iceland; Asda; Tesco; Amazon; John Lewis and so on). It’s this time of year that we get to see sneak peaks of what will be popular and adorning the shop shelves the second Halloween is over – I love it!  There is a definite buzz in the air right now (and not just the summer bumble bees) – Christmas is on it’s way – 6 months to go!


This year it appears that the focus is really on celebrating the little moments rather than Christmas as a whole. Concentrating on specific traditions there is a classic, nostalgic feel to a lot of the offerings but they are certainly not old fashioned.  Christmas 2017 will be bold and modern.

I’ve concluded that there are ten common themes that are evident in everything I’ve seen so far –

  1. Pineapples – Believe it or not, this summery fruit will have a big influence on Christmas 2017.  We will be seeing pineapples on everything particularly at the dinner table. Place settings, dinner plates and table centre pieces will be a popular choice.  Glass jars, drink decanters and cookie jars all in the shape of pineapples too! There are also lots of gold coloured pineapples & jewellery for you to purchase as gifts or stocking stuffers.
  2. The tropical theme continues with Flamingo’s – I know they are already everywhere but this is one trend that will not be going away anytime soon.  You’ll be seeing neon flamingo lights and flamingo silhouettes on clothes, make up bags and more. Combine that with a cactus or two and you’ll be well on trend!
  3. You will see a lot of “Marble Effect” items this Christmas – Notepads and stationery; wrapping paper and cards; tables and furniture; baubles and ornaments – big items and small items. Whether it is colourful multi coloured marble created from paint splashes, or a more monochromatic grey print marble pattern, it really will be everywhere. The grey marble prints look especially lovely with rose gold accents. IMG_9689
  4. Talking of monochromatic colours ….. they are influencing most retailers this year.   Whether that be on table settings,  or tree decorations and ornaments. Black and White as a colour combination together, (or with a hint of gold, rose gold or silver) will be very popular.  I’ve seen gold knives & forks; Black and White trees; Rose Gold Pineapples; and various monochromatic stationery offerings.
  5. Looking at more traditional Christmas items – reindeers and nutcrackers seem to be the characters of choice.  Cushions; bedding and homewares; PJ’s and Jumpers – these cute characters will adorn many items. img_5380.jpg
  6. Pom Poms and Tassels seem to be trending big time. Gift wise, chances are you’ll be buying something with a pom pom or tassel on it! Handbags; Tablecloths; Jumpers; Cushions; PJ’s and on the end of pens – they will add texture and a festive twist to otherwise ordinary products.
  7. In a similar vein to previous Christmases – Personalisation will be as popular as ever. Adding a name to any item will make it unique and individual. There are some adorable personalised table settings; some interesting personalised crackers and plenty of the usual Christmas items from baubles; sacks; stockings; boxes and signs to add a name too. There are some really great personalised stocking stuffers available too. IMG_9676
  8. We all know that a big part of Christmas is the food and drink! This year’s most popular flavours appear to be gingerbread and salted caramel (although not together!) You’ll start to see these flavours creeping into many new food choices this season. Add to that the trend of adding glitter to your prosecco and enjoying white chocolate in every possible form it’s set to be a very sweet Christmas.
  9. One trend I’m pleased to see make a bit of a comeback is the process of sending physical Christmas cards to family and friends instead of an email; a social media card or nothing at all.  There are some great selections out there for cards and they are all reasonably priced too. In addition, this year the Royal Mail held a competition for schools to enter and design the UK’s Christmas stamps (only the third time in Royal Mail’s 500 year history have Children’s designs been used on Christmas stamps – the last time was in 2003). Stamps will be on sale from 7th November but the winners have yet to be announced.
  10. Finally there is a bit of a trend for the use of wood in products. Not as popular as some of the other trends admittedly –  but traditional wooden toys appear to be on the increase as do wooden star shaped ornaments and real Christmas tree’s instead of fake ones.

I hope this has given you a little Christmas inspiration in the middle of July! Are you feeling festive yet?!



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