Dum Dum Doughnuts

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It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I cannot resist a cake. I like baking them, eating them and talking about them.

Like all the time.


My friends and family often pick me up on the fact that I talk about cake a lot! I swear I dream about cake too, at least three times a week!

Needless to say when I discovered that Dum Dum’s had opened up a shop near me in Box Park, Croydon I was beyond excited.  I simply had to get my hands on some of the loveliness as soon as humanly possible – which, as it turns out took quite a while!

Every time I visited they were closed – sold out! I tried 5 times. Can you believe that? That is pure dedication right there!  I tried all times of the day and even tried to get there when they first opened, never with any luck. I even took a day trip to Brighton for the day (where their flag ship store is) and tried there, but they’d sold out.  These little rings of yumminess are so very popular and were starting to evade me too often only making me want them more.


Thankfully on a whim whilst shopping in Croydon one day, I remembered they were there. I placed no hope on being able to purchase any but pretty much did a little dance outside the shop when I realised they were still in stock!

I bought a box of 6 – 3 doughnuts and 3 hybrids which were more croissant crossed with a doughnut. They cost me £15. Flavours included the Zebra (croissant dough and chocolate croissant dough, filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache ), Crême Brûlée, Strawberry Crème, Blueberry Crème, Salted Caramel and one called “Galaxy” which had a to die for blackcurrant and lemon filling.


Lets put it this way….. I was NOT disappointed and the wait had been worth it. Really. How often in real life does that actually happen? You wait for something for so long and want it so badly and when you get it eventually it disappoints you in some way! Not this time. They were amazing.

I tried a little bite of each one and shared them with family so we could all decide which we preferred but I would have happily mullered the entire box if I allowed myself to.


It was hard to choose a favourite because they were all so delicious in their own right. The Zebra was amazing, even with the small bite I had it was full of flavour and contained SO much chocolate, it was pretty intense.  One of those would make anyone’s bad day a happy one.


But if you were forcing a decision from me, the blueberry crème was gorgeous and I don’t even really like blueberries!  How they manage to squeeze such a full flavour into every single bite is beyond me. But it made me very happy.


There were a lot of flavours I missed out on but one thing is for sure – I’m going to keep trying to taste those other flavours too.

Best Doughnuts around. Period. (and no – this is not a sponsored post just my own opinion)!!

You can find them in the new Box Park, Croydon – downstairs, far left hand corner. If you do one thing this weekend – go get some! 🙂


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