Greenwich Park

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Living in Greater London is pretty amazing. You get the best of both worlds! Not quite on the inside of the city, but just in touching distance!

Yesterday for the first time, my boyfriend and I went to visit Greenwich Park, a huge Royal Park covering some 183 acres of land. Greenwich Park is much more than your average park though.


Sat on a hill overlooking the River Thames, there are some stunning views. We visited on a sometimes sunny / sometimes overcast kinda day, but the views were glorious. Canary Wharf stood out loud and proud as did the O2 arena.


It is however a very popular place with tourists coming by the coach load!  Admiring the view or just resting, these tourists are sat by the James Wolfe statute. It was built in 1930 to commemorate General James Wolfe (1727-1759) and was a gift from the Canadians.  It is in memory of his victory against the French at Quebec which secured Canada for the British. His parents lived in Macartney House on the edge of the park and he died in the battle.


We went and found a quite spot to enjoy a more distant view of the landscape and enjoyed a cookie and hot drink in the Pavilion Café. (£9 for 2 drinks and 2 cookies).

Also in the park is the Prime Meridian, the reference line for Greenwich Mean Time, and The Royal Observatory. We had to take a look! It cost £9.50 per adult for entry, but you can book online for discounts if you’re planning your trip in advance.


Inside the Observatory it is pretty much full of clocks and early time pieces and you can learn all about the time around the world. It was absolutely packed inside so we didn’t spend too long there which hampered our enjoyment somewhat.



The main reason for visiting the Observatory however was so we could stand on either side of the Meridian Line.


Which, due to the volume of people there turned out to be quite the challenge!


But we kinda managed it… Kinda.


Also within the park is the Peter Harrison Planetarium. The only Planetarium in London.


There wasn’t much opportunity to take photos inside, but we were lucky enough to watch a film in there called “Solar Superstorm”. (entry £7.50 per adult).


You basically sit underneath a giant domed screen and lay back into comfy chairs and look up to the ceiling to watch the production. The show was about the Sun and it’s flares, tornadoes and eruptions of plasma. It was really interesting and was narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, so it’s all good 🙂 . It was really immersive and I certainly learnt things I didn’t know previously.

There was a qualified astronomer on hand for any questions too.

Inside there were lots of opportunity to see some really great photos of space – highly recommend a visit here.


There is also a lot of green space and gardens within the park. It’s the perfect place for a stroll, run or picnic. It was a joy to see lots of families enjoying the open space with a game or rounders or tennis (on the tennis courts).


We enjoyed the Flower Gardens but there are actually 4 gardens that we didn’t get the opportunity to see – the place is absolutely massive. We are making a trip back sometime again this summer for sure.


Instead we enjoyed a walk around the pond and some local wildlife. We did walk over to the Deer Park too but they were all hiding and we didn’t see any – another reason to take a return visit!


Greenwich Park is a beautiful way to spend a relaxing Sunday! Highly recommend a visit here if you’ve not been!


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