July Favourites

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July is almost over and there are no less than 150 days until Christmas!

Let that sink in for a bit…..

150 days!!

Yeah, bet that’s surprised you! It scared me a little when I figured it out! My business is centred around Christmas and it’s my busiest time of year, but I hardly feel as organised as I should be right now. That makes me feel a little panicked but I know that I am on schedule and it will all work out in the end! It has to!

Anyway, I digress – back to July! I thought I would share with you a few things that I have been loving this month.


When I sat down to think about this post, I was looking at all the things that I have surrounded myself with throughout July. It was hard to make a decision as to what might make the cut. However, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting at my work desk and all of the things I want to talk about are literally in my eye line most of the day. So I narrowed it down to three things.


First up – three plants that sit on my work desk. One of these is fake and the other two are real. Can you guess which one is the imposter?

I’ll tell you – the smallest one in the marble pot.  I didn’t think I would ever buy a fake plant, but you know, I think I might actually be converted.  They are pretty realistic looking, super easy to look after and they just add a little greenery where needed.  It’s also worth noting that they are completely cat proof.


The tallest plant was actually so much prettier when it was first purchased.  Unfortunately though, my cat Ramsee took a liking to it. He munched pretty much all of the leaves and I’ve had to trim it down some. You’d think he would have learnt his lesson after promptly throwing it up all over the office floor (yeah that was fun!) – but nope – he’s come back a few times now! Always when I’m not watching, forgot to shut the door etc. – he’s a little sneak and now he knows where it is, it’s like an addiction for him.

Plastic plants! That’s the way forward I’m telling you.

The tall plant I purchased from my local garden centre for £6, the other two were both from B&Q priced at £7 and £4 respectively.

I love how the plants brighten my desk and bring just a touch of green to the room.  Just have to remember to water the real ones!!


Next up is my mobile phone case. Now, like most people at the moment I am completely obsessed with anything rose gold coloured! Add to that a cute giraffe and I am literally in love. I tend to change my phone case out every month, for something new and pretty to look at, but mainly so I can give my phone a good clean. I dread to think about the number of germs on this phone right now. Ewww. In fact that’s now going to be my next job!

I love the fact that I had my giraffe phone cover on in the month when I actually got to feed giraffe too! So cool.  That’s a great example of the universe at work!

This case was 99p from ebay.


Finally, these drink coasters magically jumped into my basket when I was walking around B&M Home Bargains last week. They were reduced in price from £4.99 to 99p.

They’re made from acrylic and have some great Law of Attraction sayings on them.  The four colours match exactly the colours of my office and with the rose gold writing I just had to have them!

So, that’s it – my three July Favourites!


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