Getting Organised for August

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Now, I love a good list but this has gotten out of control! I am using no less than 4 organisers, three notepads, a desk planner, a whiteboard and three calendars to organise my life. That’s crazy. That’s before I copy everything over to my iPhone! That’s not even taking into account the Christmas planner I just bought myself and the Business planner I have had sitting on my shelf for two months.

I know what my problem is – I love pretty stationery! I love a new book, a new pad a matching pen! It’s one of my biggest weaknesses. I love seeing things written down on paper, ticking things off when I’ve completed a task. It’s so satisfying.

I’m also a Virgo and by nature I have to organise everything to within an inch of it’s life. I have lists and sub lists and sub sub lists.  You get the idea!


I pity my boyfriend!

I am self employed and work mainly within the seasonal Christmas industry, it’s my busiest time of year, so I have to not only organise my own life, but the life of my ever growing business. I need to think about social media, marketing, production, managing orders and emails -that’s before I start thinking about getting fresh air, exercise and food!


I tend to use my happiness planner for health and happiness stuff- menu planning, exercising, that kind of thing.  I have one diary for work meetings, one for personal social events and another for work social media plans. I then add these activities to a weekly whiteboard (my Sunday activity) and then write a list of the jobs I need to complete that week onto a note pad. I then copy all this information to the family calendar, my own calendar, my boyfriends diary and my IPhone.

I have a list for work to do around the house, cleaning jobs and washing that kind of thing. Another list for work jobs that need to be completed, finalising products, stock takes and so forth. A list of projects I’d like to complete, a list for things I would like to do and places I’d like to go and a list of things I need to buy.

It sounds way overcomplicated when I write it all down, but you know what – it works!

The only thing is I tend to forget about the lists of things I’d like to do and places I’d like to go. What I need is something more streamlined so I can actually go about achieving some of my dreams too.


I’ve decided to do away with wall calendars and white boards. Create just one master list of things I need or want to do – whether that is work or personal related. Have one diary with social media content planning. One planner for work and personal meetings combined and a daily worksheet so I know what has to be done that day.

My idea is to continue to plan for the forthcoming week on a Sunday, but from a smaller selection of stationary. As such, I’ve created a to-do list template for myself and I am hoping by combining everything into one daily to do list I can stop the constant reading through different planners to make sure I achieve everything I need to.


I’m attaching the printable here for you – please feel free to use it yourselves if it will help. (free download and no need to sign up with emails or anything) If you use it, tag me on social media using the #georginakay I’d love to see it in use.

Daily to do list PDF

How do you organise life? What works well for you? I’d love to know. Even if you just wing it 😉




  1. Hi hunni – being a virgo and loving Christmas I am drawn to your comment about ‘Christmas Planner ‘ you mentioned. Where did you buy it??? Xxx


    1. oooHH a fellow organiser nut 🙂 Love it!

      I got it from Amazon: They have lots of different ones but I got “My Crimbo planner” it’s great. There is also a new magazine out at the moment called My Christmas planner and it’s in stock in most sainsburys I believe – £6.99, comes with recipes and stickers etc. I’m yet to find one though xx


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