Biscoff Rocky Road Bites

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If you haven’t heard of Jane’s Patisserie then where have you been? She’s like this amazingly brilliant baker/blogger/vlogger who bakes the most epic cakes on a weekly basis and shares her recipes online.  I discovered her last year through a link on Pinterest, tried one of her cheesecake recipes and have been an avid fan ever since.

Today for my blog post I’ve recreated her Biscoff Rocky Road Bites. Because, lets face it – mixing chocolate, biscoff spread & butter – it’s going to be gorgeous!  I wanted to share this recipe because being the summer holidays this is a great recipe to try with kids as there is literally no actual baking involved – maybe a little melting of chocolate with a microwave but that’s about it. These are seriously delicious I promise!  These are great to give as gifts to people too, so if anyone is baby sitting for you – this is a great inexpensive gift to give as a thanks! So to start you need:


400g white chocolate ( I opted for the white chocolate chunks from the Co-Op as it’s quicker to melt) They are on offer at the moment – 3 for £3. You need four bags in total – I’ve stocked up and have the other two bags in my cupboard for future bakes.

125g Biscoff Spread.  There are two types available. Smooth and Crunchy. I had a crunchy one in my cupboard so I used that one. You’ll use about half the jar and maybe an extra spoonful here and there if you like to taste test as you go!

50g of unsalted butter

150g mini marshmallows. 

250g of Lotus biscuits, chopped, broken or crumbled.

And that’s it! Basically you line a square tin so the mixture won’t stick.  Melt the chocolate and butter together in a bowl.


Microwave the spread in another bowl for about 30 seconds so that melts too.  Runny spread is a weird thing to look at… stay with me!


Beat the runny spread into the melted chocolate & butter and  beat it up


Chuck in all the marshmallows and lotus biscuits and keep mixing until it’s all combined.

Add it to the prepared tin and squash it down smoothing the top.


Stick it in the fridge until it’s set (about an hour).

Melt a little more biscoff spread and drizzle it over the top, cut into squares and enjoy!

Super simple, super easy, super yummy!


Check out Jane’s recipe here.



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