Beauty & The Beast Afternoon Tea – Review

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Oh My! Where has the time gone? I’ve neglected my little blog over the past few weeks – mainly because I’ve been so very busy! I’ve been here there and everywhere! I am back on track now though and apologise for my absence! 🙂

Last month, it was my birthday and for part of that treat I went to London for a special themed afternoon tea!


I went to the Town House at the Kensington Hotel to enjoy a Beauty and The Beast Themed afternoon tea with my boyfriend and parents. The hotel was absolutely stunning. The pastel blue hues of the tableware, the quiet calm that you felt when you walked in off the hustle and bustle of a London street! It was all divine!


The meal started with a selection of dainty savouries – a mini venison pie, a cheese & onion soufflé and a little Beef Ragu & Saffron Arancini served with Lemon Creme Fraiche. It was all very delicious, my favourite being the little venison pie.


Along with the savouries I drank something named “Cloud” tea. Oh my! It was heavenly. Honestly the best tea I’ve ever drunk. There’s something so quaint about drinking tea out of a tea cup instead of a giant mug like I do at home, that’s slightly more lady like and appealing 🙂


After the starters out came a three tiered plate containing all manor of deliciousness! It was very clearly themed & everything was explained to us by our waiter.


On the bottom tier was  Marie’s Sweet Brioche Baguettes with apricot preserve & chocolate pots, referring to the local baker from Belle’s hometown in the film. I would go as far as saying that these were my favourite thing off the entire menu! The apricot preserve was yummy and the combination of that with the chocolate was immense.  They made a nice alternative to scones for sure!


The middle layer contained a selection of four different sandwiches.  Chicken and Cranberry, Salmon, Egg Mayo and Cheese & Cucumber.  All perfect – I even enjoyed the salmon one which usually I don’t!


Finally on the top layer was a selection of deserts – if you’re not a fan of chocolate though, look away now!


There was a Spiced Snow Ball Macaroon; Coconut & Chocolate, referring of course to the classic scene featuring Belle and Beast’s playful snowball fight


Taken from everyone’s favourite song from the film, ‘Be Our Guest’, was a ‘Try the Grey Stuff’ White Chocolate Mousse, a dessert recommended by none other than the iconic candle character, Lumiere. This was very creamy indeed! I couldn’t eat all of it as it was pretty sickly – but nice nethertheless.


This little Chocolate Clock Tart; Chocolate Ganache, featuring an image of the lovable Cogsworth’s face was scrummy too  – delicately designed and full of chocolate flavour!


Finally was a Vanilla & Gold Jelly, presented in shot glasses with the ever-symbolic rose petal immersed inside, served with cream poured from Mrs. Potts spout. I was not a fan of this at all! The jelly was bland, the rose petal was gross and the cream made it feel like you were basically just eating cream!  Not nice. Not a fan of the texture much either.  Other members of the party enjoyed it though!


You even got given a little marzipan biscuit to take home with you at the end of the sitting. A cute belle themed dress!  I didn’t actually eat this as I was high on sugar and tea & decided I couldn’t possibly eat anymore.  It made it home but then I forgot about it and someone else ate it!

It was a lovely experience, however doesn’t rate as one of my best ever afternoon tea experiences. There was no topping up of sandwiches or anything and the whole meal felt pretty rushed, with the staff taking a plate off of your tiered cake stand as soon as it was empty! To their credit though, I left a review on trip advisor to this effect & they are passing the comments onto their staff, so hopefully others won’t feel as rushed.  One of my good friends are actually experiencing this afternoon tea today so I can find out from her what she thought and whether they’ve made any changes!


This afternoon tea is very popular as is very heavily booked. There are actually no spaces available now until the new year, when the price is being increased per person to £38.50.  You can find out more and book the tea here >> Afternoon Tea


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  1. So I went for the afternoon tea today, bravely on my own. Firstly, I would say that this experience is really for more than one person but that’s all I could book at the time.
    I have been looking forward to this since I booked it. It was a nice afternoon, the venue was good and a lot closer to South Kensington Station than I thought. But not the best afternoon tea I have had. This was my afternoon (I apologise if it is longer than Georgina’s blog)
    Being a party of one I was placed in a corner table, which was nice but did make people watching all too obvious. Strangely, it wasn’t as busy in the part of the room I was in as I would have thought considering I could only book for one person.
    When I was seated I was told that the meal duration was 1 hour 45 minutes and then they would need the table. Was that their way for trying to rush me, I don’t actually know but time did go quicker than I thought it would.
    I was told I needed to chose my tea and say if there was anything on the menu that I didn’t like or couldn’t have.
    I was actually surprised how much tea choice there was. The tea descriptions also indicated whether it would be good with milk or not, which I found helpful.
    I decided to go for a lovely breakfast tea that was probably the best I have had for a while – I managed to get through 1 1/2 pots of tea during my time there – so clearly I liked it.
    I did ask if they could take off the macaroon as I don’t like coconut – they happily obliged me.
    The starters were good and I really enjoyed them. I didn’t have a favourite as they were all really tasty.
    Then the rest of the food came out on the tiered holders. The waiter gave a description of all the food starting with the baguettes (at the bottom) and working up to the sweets (at the top). The waiter explained about the jelly and that double cream was added to it, which he duly showed me by pouring the double cream from Mrs Potts teapot onto the jelly – just a small layer.
    Then it was photograph time – the waiter happily took pictures of me with my afternoon tea including Chip, Mrs Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth on the table. Unfortunately, Lumiere was not lit up because the batteries were going – I did manage to light him up for one photo a bit later.
    So, onto the rest of the meal.
    The brioche baguettes were amazing – probably my favourite part. I had two baguettes. I split both baguettes in half – in the first half, I put just chocolate and this was nice. In the second half, I had just apricot jam and that wasn’t too bad. In the next two halves, I had apricot jam and chocolate and these were amazing. They tasted a bit like Jaffa cakes – I would definitely have these again.
    Onto the sandwiches, they were okay but some bits of the bread were hard where they had been waiting around – not too much but I noticed it. There was lots of different textures – smooth cream cheese with cucumber, chunky chicken and cranberry, egg & cress and salmon – which was nice.
    Finally onto the sweets.
    After asking for them not to include the macaroon, I was not expecting a replacement. But I was pleasantly surprised with a Black Forest slice that had cream cheese (I’m sure that’s what the waiter said). This dessert was light and airy and easily my favourite of the sweets.
    The jelly was bland and the double cream didn’t add anything to it – probably my least favourite of everything.
    The ‘try the grey stuff’ dessert in the chip cup was interesting – the grey stuff didn’t really taste of much but had a mousse consistency and underneath seemed to be a custard mixture – quite bizarre. It wasn’t too bad altogether but not separately. Also the grey stuff was a lot lighter today then in Georgina’s picture. Whether that took some flavour away I couldn’t say.
    Then there was the chocolate clock – this was pretty tasty and nicely decorated. One of my favourite bits.
    When I had started on the sweets, the waiter asked if he could take the holder away, I agreed and he left the sweet plate on the table for me and removed the other bits – it still didn’t feel rushed. Clearly they have taken on board Georgina’s feedback – it was nice to get the benefits of that feedback.
    Finally, there was the marzipan biscuit that I had to bring home because there was no way I could eat anything else.
    Overall, I would say it was nice, quite relaxing but ultimately lonely when you are on your own. Also, they didn’t ask if you wanted more – although I couldn’t actually eat anymore, it would have been good for them to check as a number of other places do.
    It would have been better if the tea was served in the “Mrs Potts” teapot and you used the “Chip” cup. The “Mrs Potts” teapot was used for double cream only – this seemed such a waste to me.
    In the end, I wasn’t rushed out but I left earlier then I had to – there are only so many pictures you can take of the same things.
    It was a unique afternoon tea but not the best I have had.


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