Gousto Box: A Review

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good subscription box! Especially a food subscription box.  I’ve tried many different ones in the past but none of them have lived up to the quality of the Gousto Box!  I am aware that this is quite some statement! But it’s true!  I was excited to try the Gousto Box and this blog is about my thoughts!


My box of goodies arrived on Monday as planned in the allotted time slot. Delivered by a slightly moody Yodel guy. I wondered when he handed the box to me if he had delivered quite a few of these heavy food laden boxes! The box contained lots of written instructions, some little pamphlets about the company and so on.


The volume and quality of the contents I received was fantastic.  So much fresh food, all bagged up and inviting.  I could see immediately this was great value for money.


Prior to receiving the box I was able to choose 4 meals that I wanted for our family to try. We had the Family Box which contained 4 recipes and costs £27.75.  This works out at just £1.73 per serving.

IMG_2931 Everything is provided portioned out so it’s easy to use in each recipe.  The intention of each box is that the recipes are simple to cook, well rounded healthy meals and tasty to boot. The aim also is to reduce the amount of wasted food.


The chilled ingredients all came in an insulated bag which really kept everything chilled perfectly.  Packs of ice inside and the bag which was made from plastic and hay.  The meat provided is all 100% British Meat, and the fish is responsibly sourced too.  The relishes & condiments provided are all British sourced.  Our box contained chicken thighs (we usually eat chicken breast), Cumberland sausages (we usually opt for Richmonds!), Basa fish – (which we’d never heard of) and Pork Mince (we usually prefer beef). As a result we were looking forward with some nervous anticipation to trying lots of different foods.


As I said previously, we were able to choose 4 recipes that we wanted in our box from over 20 recipes available.  These recipes change every single week and the company boast having over 600 of these recipes available in total.  There was a huge variety of choice and everything from traditional British meals through to Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and American.

The recipes were well written and illustrated and I was eager to get started.


The first recipe I tried was cheesy crumbed Basa Fillet with potatoes and a courgette & Tomato salad.   Wow was this easy to prepare!  Basa fillet is delicious, the potatoes were tasty & the salad was like something I’ve never had before.  Eating the salad on it’s own (which had been pickled in a vinegar) was a bit odd – it was very sharp and unusual.  But… eating it with the fish was delicious. The meal was well portioned and I didn’t feel like they scrimped at all.  Cooking it was so much fun, I felt like it revived my love of cooking and was getting me out of a same-meals-every-week rut. The whole family enjoyed it, although there were mixed feelings on the “weird salad”.  We gave it 4 stars.


Next up were the Pork Tacos. OH. MY. GOD. These were my favourites by a mile. I had to make a herby mayo, cook some pork mince with lots of spices, make a salsa and pickle some onions. It seemed like a lot of work, but the recipe card was written in such a way, it all came together so naturally! I adored this recipe and the family did too – we gave it 5 stars!  Those taco’s were so filling too! Delicious!  We had some left overs and I ate one the next day for lunch!


On the third night we had sausages! Something a little more familiar to our usual menus. I was surprised that each portion allowed for 3 sausages, usually I only have one or two – however I was so grateful for that third one as they were beautiful. Honestly – so delicious and combined with dill herby potatoes and a homemade coleslaw (apple, carrot, beetroot & a homemade (by me!) horseradish mayo it was just perfect.  Nothing like we would ever have considered eating but another night with clean plates all around. Everyone exclaimed this their favourite meal and a five star was given.  Some went back for seconds, from the little that was left over too.  When I made this one, the recipe card suggested you nestle the sausages in between the potatoes as you roasted them in the oven, but if you’re cooking for four then you need two trays. I took this to mean potatoes on one tray and sausages on the other.  I think the potatoes would have more flavour if I’d mixed it all up.


Finally we tried a Korean style chicken and rice meal.  Sad to say this one got poor reviews from everyone. Someone didn’t like the sticky rice, another didn’t like the spicy sauce, another wasn’t a fan of pakchoi.  It looked good, but the taste didn’t work for all of us.  I also found this recipe a bit of a faff. So many pots and pans to use, including a food processor to blitz the sauce I had to make. It wasn’t ideal and took ages to wash everything up afterwards.  Also the card suggested there were 8 chicken thighs and we were only given 6 (which was so much more than enough!) We did all like bits of the meal though and to be fair we still ate it, I think though having been spoilt by the previous nights meals expectations were high!  We gave it two stars.

Overall, this box was fantastic. It was amazing value for money, you’d struggle to make these meals with this quality of meat and veg for the price you’re charged. It was easy to follow, inspiring and reignited my love for cooking.  I actually felt like I was still in charge of preparing something delicious, but it was new and exciting. I learnt new techniques, different more healthy ways of cooking things and just generally loved it!

I think I will certainly order a box for next month, and perhaps increase to fortnightly after Christmas if we continue to get on with it.

The service offers a flexible subscription so you can order 2, 3 of 4 meals delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly and you can choose the day it’s delivered on too.  You aren’t signed into any contracts so can skip a box, pause it completely and so on.  It is rumoured that occasionally you’ll get a little extra in your box too as a thank you from Gousto.

Another thing  I loved was the app that you can download to your smart phone. You sign into your account and all the recipes for that week are stored there too (just in case you loose your card!).  You can vote on the recipes you like or disliked, manage your subscription and more.  Which reminds me, each of the recipe cards also had nutritional information on them too – great if you’re counting calories.

Overall I have to say the Gousto box was a big success.  Much more superior to any of the other subscription boxes of a similar nature I have tried in the past!

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself you can do so here >> Gousto Box Website

and if you use code GEORG331019 you get a whopping 50% off of your first two boxes! Even if you only try it a couple of times, you’re saving so much on your weekly food shop for those two weeks! It’s unbeatable value it really is!



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