NFL in London

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To say I was excited when I found out that the NFL was back in London was an understatement.  One of my secret passions is watching Sunday NFL and I almost always stay up to a ridiculous time in the morning to watch Superbowl!  Attending a game at Wembley was something I couldn’t miss!

Way back in the 90’s I used to go to the old Wembley with my family to watch the European NFL league and support our home team The London Monarchs. Sadly the league wasn’t that successful and was disbanded shortly after.  I was very hopeful for a similar fun atmosphere & a brilliant day out.  I attended with my boyfriend and both sets of our parents because my mum and his dad also had September birthdays!  It was a great family day!


We started off visiting the fan zone – it was ridiculously busy. Thousands of people queuing to get in and it took a good half hour before we actually got inside. The sense of anticipation was high!

When we were inside there was an array of delicious “American” street food to choose from.  I was beginning to regret our previous stop at the local pub for breakfast! We did in the end though decide to eat something.

I opted for a “posh spice” mac & cheese which was delicious and the boyfriend opted for a pizza which he said was also scrummy – just a little on the expensive side!


Inside there was also a few NFL merchandise stores, however the queues here were just as immense and we didn’t want to waste any time in waiting! What a chore! So we gave it a miss!


We headed inside instead and took our seats.  The one thing about Wembley is that you can always see what’s going on. We were in neutral territory and so decided to support the Ravens. This turned out to be somewhat of a mistake (a) because the Jaguars were the home team and pretty much surrounded us! and (b) Because they ultimately lost the game!  Being a family of Crystal Palace supporters however, we are completely used to loosing every week and so just took it in our stride and enjoyed the game for what it was.


I have to say that it was an incredibly boring game. Oh my! Not really any competition, all one sided, and as dull as dish water.  Again, being palace fans, I think we are spoilt each week with a brilliant atmosphere in our stadium – Wembley, apart from a few thousand people waving flags at the start, and a Mexican wave half way through, was pretty boring!


It was good to see a little bit of the razzmatazz of  the Americans though – marching bands, cheerleaders, their national anthem (all the players knelt down on one knee which is a whole other story!).  Definitely an experience to check off of the bucket list! 🙂


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