School Of Rock – Theatre Review

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I think that I possibly have the best boyfriend ever! He surprised me for my birthday last month with a trip to London for a delicious meal, a bit of a wander around the west end and to watch School of Rock The Musical.


Now, I am a massive fan of the movie and I was completely nervous about watching the show, just in case they changed it too much and I didn’t enjoy it. But I am so happy that I wasn’t  disappointed.

The theatre itself was completely covered in scaffolding and I was pleased to discover really tight security checks on the entrance doors – in this day and age sadly it’s something that is a requirement.


As you enter the theatre you go up some escalators to the right which takes you to a landing where they are selling some merchandise for the show.  They had a great selection and to be fair it wasn’t too badly priced.

We picked up a programme and some sweeties for the show, we listened to the soundtrack too which got us excited for the show 🙂


As soon as the doors opened, we took our seats – which it has to be said were pretty darn great! The boy did good!! The stage set up looked pretty plain with just a drum set in the middle and so expectations were high.


The show started and it has to be said, it was pretty much identical to the original movie.  The characters were fully rounded, brilliant actors & those kids were seriously immensely talented.  Most of the time I was sitting in awe of the fact that they were literally so talented. They were very believable and I found myself getting completely lost in the story.

The sets changed frequently to their school and Deweys home as well as the rock concert battle of the bands!  Changes were seamless & effortless too.

The songs that were added really made sense in the overall performance and I particularly loved “Stick it to the man” which I ended up singing to myself for about two weeks afterwards.


The energy that all of the actors (and actresses) displayed on stage was envious.  They did not stop rocking! Towards the end of the show in the battle of the bands scene, we were encouraged to take photos and dance & sing along. (Hence these photos of the show, which usually aren’t allowed!). I actually didn’t want it to end.

The School of Rock Musical is playing at the New London Theatre, 166 Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5PW and you can find out more here >> School of Rock The Musical


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