Hampton Court Palace

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One of my most favourite places to visit at any time of the year is the magnificent Hampton Court Palace in East Molesey, Surrey.  That’s just where we decided to visit for the afternoon – it’s a great place to blow away cobwebs 😉


The palace is massive and a perfect place to wander around so many corridors imagining what it must have been like to live there. Looking into all of the different rooms.


You get to wander around the palace freely and you can take your time which is perfect for these kind of days out. There is no pressure!


I love the sense of history you get from each different room – even in the gift shop!


My advice is to look up! Every where you look are gorgeous pieces of artwork, plenty of gold & tonnes of history.


The gardens are stunning, both in the centre and on the outskirts of the palace. I could easily imagine ladies in dresses, walking and talking about something cultural of the time.


I was fascinated by the table napkin art – Who on earth has the time to make a napkin duck for the dinner table nowadays – it surely is a lost art!


There is plenty to do in the gardens on a sunny day – they are gorgeous, just a simple walk around is in itself lovely, but you can visit the oldest grapevine in the country or one of the first indoor old tennis courts. Even go and get lost inside the giant maze!


Be sure also to look out for people dressed up in traditional clothes, walking around and acting out scenes.  Great fun!


You can find out more about Hampton Court Palace on their official website>> Hampton Court Palace – entrance costs £18.40 for adults and £9.20 for Children.


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