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How many of you have one of those cute little Christmas Elves – you know, the one that comes out of hiding on 1st December and disappears again at the end of the month? Their main aim being to ensure that everyone behaves so that Father Christmas delivers their presents on Christmas Eve?


The elf that you’re not technically allowed to touch because otherwise his magic disappears, but who ends up getting chucked down the stairs at some point – you know…. just to see if  he bounces?!


The elf who seems to be really active for the first half of December but then forgets to move “because he had to go on a special reindeer mission”….. Yeah, that elf!

We’ve had ours for a few years now, he particularly enjoys helping in the packing department at my work!  We quite often find him rolled up in bubble wrap or sticking stickers on boxes. He is actually quite the helpful little elf to be honest! He brings a lot of fun to our day that’s for sure.

The general idea with an elf coming to visit you is that he’s looking to monitor the behaviour of everyone in the house, but as everyone knows elves can be very naughty! Over night when everyone is sleeping they always get up to some kind of mischief and when the family wake up, they realise that Elfie has been naughty over night and it creates a giggle – he always ends up in some kind of trouble or leaves fun little gifts to discover. It’s enjoyable for family of all ages.

It can be hard work coming up with different fun antics for your elf though and sometimes, he forgets to move altogether! That’s why planning is the way to go! I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day today and planning what your elf will get up to in December!

IMG_8967 (2)

To help with that, I have created a free printable sheet for you to use how you see fit – simply print it out and write down the ideas for your elf, make a list of supplies you might need and then over the course of this month you can collate them altogether in a box and hide them ready for the 1st December. Each day you can refer back to your sheet to see what’s coming next.

Click the link below for your free printable Elf Antics Sheet (no sign up etc required!) …….

Elf Antics Free Printable PDF

Planning is all well and good, but where do you get the ideas from?

Well… I’ve helped out there too….. I’ve included a list of ideas for you on your printable sheet and collated some fun “National Days” that occur throughout December too (things like Christmas Jumper Day).  Hopefully it might spark an idea or two.

I highly recommend sitting down with your own calendar too and seeing if you can tie your elf antics in with any activity your family will be doing on that day – for example buying a Christmas Tree, Visiting Santa or Taking a trip somewhere.  If you will be visiting Santa, perhaps your elf could bring a letter from the man himself saying how excited he is to see you later in the day.


I have created a Pinterest Board specifically for elf antics and that contains hundreds of different ideas from other people as well and I am updating regularly whenever I see something fun!

Hopefully this will arm you with lots of ideas and help you feel more in control of that pesky elf this Christmas. Why not pop on over to my  Facebook page and join in our conversation or tag me in an Instagram photo of your Elf Antic printable being completed using #georginakay – I’d love to see these being used!




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