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I love planning for Christmas and November is when things really kick up a gear. Today I am sharing my November daily to do list! I hope it gives you some inspiration and maybe reminds you of a few things you need to prepare for.

Click here to download the PDF file >>> November checklist

1st November – Make a Plan! –  Where will you spend Christmas this year? Who’s house? Do you need to arrange any travel arrangements? Purchase train tickets in advance, maybe plane tickets?  Is anyone visiting your home? When? How long for? Speak with family members to arrange.


2nd November – Christmas Markets –  Find out when your local schools are holding fairs, look online at for more details,  locate dates for any Christmas markets in your local area – make a note! You can find some really unusual gifts at these kind of markets and some really great stocking fillers.  Also know that you’ll be helping out small businesses and making their Christmas brighter too.

3rd November – Update Calendars – So many things happen over the festive period – school assemblies and nativity plays, school holidays, Christmas parties, meals out with friends & colleagues, Christmas birthdays, Christmas activities such as visiting Santa & so on.  Take some time out today to add dates to your calendar and sync them with the calendar on your phone too.  This way when someone asks if you’re free for an event you have all the information at your fingertips.

4th NovemberCreate a Christmas Card List – make a note of who you’re sending cards to this year, check addresses & update your address book. Make a note of numbers.

5th November – Make a master gift list – Think about who you need to buy for this year. Make a note of any gift ideas you have for them, ask them if they’re hoping for something specific. Include on the list any teachers or neighbours you might need to buy for.

6th November – Plan Advent Activities – Whether you use an advent candle, a chocolate advent calendar, an advent sack of small gifts, a homemade advent calendar, book calendar or a beauty or lifestyle calendar – start planning and buying now! The really good lifestyle calendars sell out super quickly so if you want one it’s important to get in quick!

7th NovemberBuy Christmas Stamps – these go on sale today and according to the Royal Mail website this year they have a 12 days of Christmas theme.


8th NovemberBuy Cards and Gift Wrap – if you want to get the best selection of cards now is the time to get them. Use online services such as Moonpig to create them, get some good bargains in town centres. I love to head to Costco for their giant rolls of double sided wrapping paper – great quality and you get lots of it!

9th November – Make a budget – I always struggle to stick to a budget I make, but if you think about it in advance and write it down you’re more likely to stick with it.  How much can you afford? How much do you want to spend per person on gifts.  Don’t forget to include money for buying drinks at parties & events & of course how much you’ll be spending on food.

10th November – Start Online Shopping – Start to look around for gift ideas, make notes of the prices you find, purchase early if it’s something that might go out of stock quickly – make sure you have plenty of time for delivery & returns if required. Be sure to write down what you order so you can keep track of when its due to arrive, so nothing gets forgotten.  Its a good time to start looking at prices so you can grab bargains later in the month.

11th November – Write your Christmas Cards – Write them, address them and put them in a pile somewhere safe! Don’t forget to include any photos or letters if that’s the kind of thing you do.


12th November – Consider Stocking Stuffers – Check that you have stockings for everyone, that they are to hand and in good repair. Make note of any that need repaired or replaced. Start to look around for small stocking fillers & purchase them when you find them. Lip balms, novelty gifts, lump of coal, chocolate orange – all the usual suspects!

13th November – Enjoy the Season – by mid November things have started feeling a little more festive every where you go. It does indeed get earlier every year! Today is also National Hot Chocolate day, so take some time out for yourself today – drink a nice cup of hot chocolate, dream about the perfect Christmas and perhaps buy yourself a good Christmas book to read!

14th November – Organise a Secret Santa – this could be at the office, within your friendship circle or even in your family.  Organise it today! Names in a hat, pick one each and set a budget and an exchange date for the gifts. Add the name you pull to your master gift list and start thinking about ideas.

15th November – Create a wrapping station – I do this every year and never regret it! I put up a paste table in part of my bedroom. I cover it with a Christmas themed table cloth and load it with all the things I need to wrap gifts.  Wrapping paper, selotape, scissors, pens, gift tags, ribbons and bows.  I generally store gifts under the table until it’s time to wrap them (which I do all in one go some time in December whilst watching back to back Christmas movies) however sometimes I wrap as I go.  I guess it depends if you need to keep the gifts secret from little spys!  Today is about making sure I have everything I need.

16th November – Create storage space – buying lots of presents – they might not fit under the table in the packing centre, and also they may need to be kept hidden.  I clear out some space in a cupboard for me to add things as and when I buy them – I lock the cupboard and carry the key with me! Maybe you hide things in the attic, or garage or wherever – basically you need to go an make a space!


17th November – Start a food shopping list – What lovely nibbles and necessities do you need to make the festive season go with a bang? Look online for prices and stock up on any offers such as half price meats (which you can freeze), book a turkey from a local butcher and so on.

18th November – Do something nice for someone today – or plan it! Every year on 2nd December I do something called “Two for Teegie” after a friends little girl lost her life a few years ago. We always do something in memory of little Teegie and its generally doing something nice for someone else.  Donate toys to a local hospital, give a neighbour a lift to the shops if they need it, give a compliment to someone, make your partner a cup of tea for when they get home, buy a homeless person a meal – it really doesn’t matter what you do – doing something nice for someone makes their day and also improves your mood. There’s enough hate in the world, try to promote positivity and embrace the festive season at the same time.

19th November – Make a housework list – So much cleaning to do before Christmas!! Note down what you need to do – cleaning the oven, cleaning the carpets, tidying out kids toys that kind of thing. Clear space for the chaos that is coming!


20th November – Locate Christmas Decorations – purchase any new decorations you might want & decide on this years colour scheme. Make sure you have everything you need. We store all of our decorations in our shed and there are so many boxes!! We go a little mad. When we pack it away we inevitably shove it all in boxes to save time so when we unpack it we have to spend significant time sorting it all out.  We need to work on that!

21st NovemberBuy a selection of batteries – chances are you’ll need batteries this Christmas whether for new toys or for the remote control! Buy them now so you don’t forget!

22nd November – Dig out Family Recipes – Look for family favourites and add the ingredients to your shopping list. Find new recipes and do the same. Start a Pinterest board with everything you’d like to try this year.


23rd November – Plan Christmas Eve Boxes – Get in quick to places like Matalan, Primark and Next for Christmas themed PJS, plan the content for your boxes and get everything ready.

24th NovemberTake advantage of Black Friday Deals – today if you can, get out in the shops! Clear some time to really start looking for gifts and purchasing them if they’re at a good price. Take the list of gift ideas and prices you’ve seen them for online. You’re sure to grab a bargain today!

25th November – Plan Christmas Outfits – now you know what events you have coming up, take some time today to sort through your wardrobe and plan some outfits.  Buy anything new if you want to, search Pinterest for outfit ideas. If you have kids, plan for them too. Don’t forget your Christmas jumper!

26th November – Write down your traditions – As the years pass there are more and more traditions that get added to Christmastime. Be sure to write all those you can remember down today so you are sure not to forget any. This gives you chance to plan for them & add anything you need to buy to the list.

27th November – Take advantage of Cyber Monday – online shopping today is great – look out for a tonne of discount codes, special offers, lightning deals and so forth. If you didn’t manage to find something on Friday, hopefully you’ll have more luck online today.


28th November – Check Christmas Lights – Do they still work? Do you need any bulbs replacing? Are they still safe to plug in? Buy new ones if required and throw away anything not suitable.

29th November – Charge Camera Batteries – Capture this full season with photos and videos! Make sure you’ve charged all camera batteries, emptied memory cards so they’re ready, cleared out your phone, back it up, update it and sync it!

30th November – Send Christmas Cards! – Let the festivities begin.

I hope this has been of some help / inspiration to you today! Happy planning.


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  1. Little late in visiting, but that is quite the November list. Saying that, as I don’t like to be any where near a mall – who has the patience – in December, I do most of my shopping in November.


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