Christmas in Norway: 5 Facts

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For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am self employed. I hand make and sell personalised Christmas gifts online.

I am always astonished at the number of orders I get from Norway for the Christmas Baubles that I make.  I would estimate that from all of my international postings, 85% of them get delivered to Norway.  That amazes me! It’s a huge percentage.

The fact that so many Norwegians purchase my baubles makes me happy of course, plus I love making them because the names are always different to the usual requests I get.

It has got me interested in what Christmas must be like in Norway though – what traditions do they have, how do they celebrate and what do they eat? We have a lot of “Norwegian inspired” Christmas decorations in the UK – mainly in reds and whites. So intrigued,  I did a little research, asked a few customers and this is what I discovered:


(1) They call Christmas “Jul” – so “Happy Christmas” is “God Jul” or “Gledelig Jul”

(2) Father Christmas or “Julenissen” visits on Christmas Eve (but not through a chimney) and everyone exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day

nisse image

(3) Small gnomes also visit at Christmas and they protect and guard animals, especially farm animals. These gnomes are called “Nisse”.

(4) Like we leave a carrot out for the reindeer, Norwegians leave out a sheaf of wheat for the birds & rice porridge for the Nisse.


(5) For Christmas dinner they generally eat Pork or Mutton with “Surkal”, which is a white or red cabbage which is chopped very finely with both caraway seeds and vinegar.   They also have something called “Pinnekjøtt” which is a steamed lamb dish that looks similar to chops.

Of course we also have the Norwegians to thank for the beautiful Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square every year!  This is traditionally given to us as a Thank You for the help the UK gave to Norway during the second world war.

I love the history between the two countries and it makes me proud to be making Christmas baubles that will be used on tree’s across the world year on year! 🙂

If you fancy learning more about Christmas in Norway, I’ve found a great little book on Amazon here >>  Christmas in Norway


Download it on your kindle and sit and have a read with a nice cuppa! 🙂  Only 99p



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  1. Have you read any of Gerry Bowler’s Christmas books. He’s a Winnipeg writer an a world reknown expert on Christmas. He’s written, The World Encyclopaedia of Christmas, Santa Claus: A biography, and Christmas in the Crosshairs.


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