North Pole Breakfast

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A North Pole Breakfast is a delightful tradition that anyone of any age can enjoy. It brings a little magic to your Christmas Festivities & can be enjoyed at any time throughout December.  We like to hold ours on 1st December and have been doing this since 2001.  Our elf arrives overnight with all manner of goodies, decorates our table in a festive over-the-top kind of way and leaves some yummy breakfast food in the kitchen.  It’s a great way to start the season.


The idea is to make the breakfast as over the top as you can, decorate the table with Christmas themed plates, cutlery, table cloth, place mats, napkins, mugs and so on – whatever you already have to hand.  You can use party paper cups and plates if you’d prefer – there is no rhyme or reason to any of it.  You’re not in competition with anyone, you get to be as creative as you like for your family.   The beauty of this is that every table is different – you can switch things up year on year too!


Keep in mind at all times, that the thought behind this breakfast is to bring your whole family together, to spend time with each other, enjoy a meal, have fun, overindulge and begin your Christmas season with a bang.


Our elf likes to leave a letter on the table, just explaining the breakfast, we have a sign on the table too.  He brings our chocolate advent calendars and advent sacks ( a family tradition where we get small gifts every day on the lead up to Christmas  – things like a new toothbrush, shower gel etc ) .


Small little favours are left on the table too – these vary but usually it’s something sweet and a cracker!  One year we were able to find some little North Pole Mints from M&S another year was a scratch card.  Start to keep an eye out now for little things that you can add to your table.


The food we have varies & you can be as plain or creative as you wish – it all depends on your families food tastes!  Sometimes we have regular cereal, sometimes festive cereal, eggs in festive egg cups, a full English breakfast, pancakes shaped like Christmas trees or snowmen, waffles, donuts – honestly – whatever is available!


Most years Asda do super adorable Christmas tree shaped Crumpets! Perfect for a North Pole Breakfast.


Last year Kelloggs started decorating their cornflakes boxes with Santa & that worked well too!


The main thing here is to just have fun with it. Make people go “Wow” when they see the table!  My biggest tip, is to collect everything you need in one box then when everyone is in bed, decorate the table ready! It means you don’t need to get up super early to get it all prepared and the wow factor will be even bigger when you all walk downstairs together. Makes it even more magical for the kids (young and old!).


I hope this has inspired you a little to maybe hold your own North Pole Breakfast this year – if it does I’d love to see photos – use #Georginakay  to share them with me.


To get you started I’ve created a free printable sign for your table  (see below) as well as some ideas on foods you could eat / activities you could take part in and so on.


Click here to download >>>>> NorthPoleBreakfastPDF


You might also want to check out my shop for some cute ideas to use on your own tables and of course my Pinterest board too!


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