15 Unique Advent Calendars, 2017

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I don’t know if anyone else has realised, but this year there seems to be an absolute abundance of unusual advent calendars available in the shops! More so than any year previously! They’re no longer just for kids either!

Gone are the days when you opened a little door on your calendar every morning before school, to simply reveal a cute Christmas picture, or if you were lucky – a mini dairy milk chocolate shaped into a Christmas character.  Gone also are the days of a simple advent candle or changing a handwritten number on a sign!

Now you can get calendars with a daily dose of alcohol or cheese, little games or beauty products!  Prices range from £1.99 through to £100 for some of the bigger ones! It’s advent madness!

The countdown to Christmas has never been so much fun and 2017 seems to be the year advent options literally exploded.  You do need to get in quick though – I’ve already seen lots of sell outs on calendars this year and it’s only just November!

Here are a selection of my favourites in no particular order:

  1. Merry Piggin’ Christmas – Pork Scratchings Advent Calendar


This calendar is a massive A3 size! Hidden behind each door is a 7g foil bag of porky joy, this keeps your treat extra fresh! There are 6 awesome flavours included- Salt & Vinegar, Low & Slow BBQ, Maple, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Perfectly Salted and the exclusive Christmas flavour – Pigs In Blankets!!!!! You can purchase it on Amazon here for £19.99 >> The Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar

2. Haribo Jelly’s Advent Calendar


This one contains a mixture of fruit and cola flavour chewy sweets, marshmallows, liquorices and gums. A real kid-pleaser.  Cute packaging and varied Haribo treats each day, what’s not to love!  Great for family members who are not chocolate lovers! Buy it here on Amazon for just £7.00 >>> Haribo Advent Calendar

3. Lego City and Lego Friends

Lego have released a calendar for the past few years and this year they have two cute ones. I have a feeling they will be even more popular than usual due to the lego masters Channel 4 programme on TV recently.  The concept is fantastic – each day you receive a little lego character or object and you build them up to create a Christmassy scene. What’s not to love!  You can buy them here on Amazon for £15.98 each >> Lego City Advent Calendar Lego Friends Advent Calendar

4. Play-Doh “Doh Vinci” Advent Calendar doh

One for the creative kids in your family! Each door on this advent calendar features a surprise DohVinci tool or part of the project. Once each surprise is revealed, you use the complete suite of supplies to create and decorate a winter wonderland scene. This one would certainly help kids learn patience as they have to wait until Christmas Eve to actually complete the project, but its a great activity to do on Christmas Eve together as a family!  You can buy it here on Amazon for £17.73 >> Doh Vinci Advent Calendar

5. Jam and Marmalade Advent Calendar


Know someone who eats toast every single morning? This would be a great advent calendar to get them!! Every day reveals a little sachet of jam or marmalade – there 12 individual strawberry jam portions, 12 individual seville orange marmalade portions and 1 whisky and marmalade mini jar within the calendar. Buy it here on Amazon for £9.99 >> Jam and Marmalade Advent Calendar

6. Kelloggs Cereal Advent Calendar

tesco advent calender 2

Keeping on the breakfast theme, Tesco released a limited edition cereal variety box calendar on 23rd October. These are selling quickly so if you want one get there asap!

Every day, you’ll be surprised with either Corn Flakes, Coco Pops, Rice Krispies and more – plus a festive greeting. It is retailing at £4 so is pretty much the same price you would pay for the multipacks anyway – and you get the addition of festive greetings! Such Fun!  Be sure to eat it from a Christmas themed bowl for full festive impact!

7. Topps Match Attax Trading Card Gamefootball

Any football fans in your house -they will adore this trading card advent calendar!  In each Advent Calendar you’ll get 24 packets to open and you’re assured a Gold Limited Edition Card which is only available in the Match Attax 2017/18 Advent Calendar.  You can buy it here on Amazon for £20 >> Match Attax Advent Calendar

8. After Eight Advent Calendar


When I saw this one, I did a little jig! Mint chocolate is my absolute favourite and in the year that Big Ben stopped chiming what better way to mark the occasion! This one would look great stood up on a table – I love that it’s freestanding and you don’t need to prop it against a wall.  Reading reviews of this one, it’s a lot bigger than people expect and contains 24 delicious mint chocolates.  You can buy it here on Amazon for £23.33 >> After Eight Advent Calendar

9. English Tea Advent Calendar


This one ended up in my own basket! The fact that you get a different tea every day, is in it’s own right a brilliant idea. The fact that you get two packs for £11.05 is even better – one for you and one for a friend!  Get surprised with the following flavours: Irish Holiday, Spicy Pumpkin, Peppermint Melon, Spicy Anise, Honey Melon , Ginger Bread Man, Happy Holiday , Candy Cane, Silent Night, Holiday Blend, Breakfast Special, Sleigh Ride, Savory Blend.  Imagine pairing this with the jam or cereal calendars!!  Buy it here on Amazon >> Tea Advent Calendar

10.  Various Alcoholic Advent Calendars

There are so many calendars this year with alcohol in them! Wine, beer, vodka, fizz, gin – the list goes on.  Prices vary – choose your poison here on Amazon >> Gin & Tonic  >> Miniatures >> Wine >> Beer


11. Cheese Advent Calendar


Tomorrow in Asda, they are releasing a cheese advent calendar! Yes you just read that right – 24 days of cheese! There are five varieties including Jarlsberg, Applewood, Cheddar, Red Leicester and Wensleydale with cranberries and one half of the advent calendar can be torn off – allowing you to maximise fridge space after your first 12 days.
It should set you back £9.99.

12. Retro American Chocolate Advent Calendar / Reeses Calendar


For the American fanatics in your family or lovers of more bitter chocolate this calendar would be perfect.  I love the retro feel of this one, just £12.99 on Amazon  >> American Chocolate Calendar


If you’d prefer to have just Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you can buy this one for £5 from most major retailers.

13. Biscuiteer’s Cookie advent calendaradvent

I absolutely LOVE this one – such a homely feel to it and you know that those biscuits will taste divine! For £99 you get 24 vanilla biscuits and a limited edition reusable calendar. The biscuit tin is extra large and as hand-illustrations on the front – collectable too!  Imagine one of these every evening with a hot chocolate! hmmmm. You can find it here >> Biscuit Advent Calendar

14.  Holland and Barrett Beauty Advent Calendar

adddThere are so many beauty advent calendars out there this year – Charlotte Tilbury,  Sleek, Molton Brown, L’Occitane, Benefit, Rituals, Superdrug, M&S, Birchbox, ASOS, Body Shop, Decleor, Soap & Glory – the list goes on and on and they’re all brilliant – I did however want to highlight the new Holland And Barrett one because it’s brand new for this year and contains 12 full size products: , Organic Snail Gel (50ml) , Naturtint Anti-Aging CC Cream (50ml), Pure Potions Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment (30ml), Dead Sea Spa Magik Beauty Balm (15ml), Yes To Charcoal Wipes (25 wipes), Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton Facial Oil (15ml), Weleda Skin Food (10ml), Sukin Facial Moisturiser (50ml), Miaroma Relaxing & Hydrating Lavender & Coconut Spritz (100ml), Trilogy Rosehip Oil (5ml), Facetox (30ml Rose Water & 30g Clay), Faith in Nature Grapefruit & Orange Shower Gel & Bath Foam (100ml). Something different for those of you who like all things natural!  You can buy it from Holland and Barretts for £35

15. DIY Calendars


You know the best kind of advent calendars out there though are those that you make and create yourself!  All you need to do is get 24 little boxes, add a number on the top and fill them with just about anything you like! Nail varnish, sweets, little notes, jigsaw puzzle pieces – wherever your imagination takes you!   We actually have advent sacks in my house!  The rules of advent have gone out of the window!

I’ve created some advent countdown number stickers which you can purchase for £1.99 from my shop here >> Countdown Number Stickers

I’d love to hear what advent calendar you’re purchasing this year in the comments below! 🙂


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