Christmas Eve Boxes

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This is a relatively new tradition to the UK, I’m talking last five years perhaps – but this year there seems to be an explosion of “Christmas Eve Boxes” available in the shops & it seems the mainstream retailers have cottoned onto the demand!


The original idea of the Christmas Eve box was to bring the family together on Christmas Eve to watch a movie and snuggle in for the night.  Calming down excited children, getting everyone in the Christmas spirit.  Opening up a box of goodies for the whole family to enjoy together – being that they were hidden in a box it makes it a lovely surprise.


Our family have been doing something similar since the 70’s – a movie, some popcorn & a fancy drink and new PJ’s. Pretty much from things we already had in the house – just a family night with new PJ’s!

In the past ten years, we started bringing the items together in a single family box – added fancy glasses or mugs, PJ’s became more festive looking, Popcorn developed into different sweets for everyone, an ornament for each person got added and the box basically just grew in size.


Many of my friends now have a Christmas Eve Box per person, containing a movie in each, a few different sweet selections, hot chocolate or snowman soup, toys, games and more.

Truth be told, we’ve all gone a bit crazy with it – but it’s Christmas and we tend to over indulge at Christmas don’t we!


The main aim of this post is to remind you that if you want to partake in this tradition – there is no wrong or right way to do it! Make it your own!

You can have a family box, individual boxes,  buckets or bags. They can be big or small. Heck you don’t even need a box, you could just lay a few items on the table and let your family know it’s family night!


You could use items from around the house or buy new things & personalise them. You don’t even need to buy a Christmas movie as you can watch it on Netflix, Catchup TV or the Amazon fire stick.


You can personalise your box and make it festive, it can be professionally made or homemade – the vessel you use really doesn’t matter! It’s about bringing the family together for the night & ultimately getting festive!


If you’re looking for some inspiration to fill your boxes, buckets or bags  – please check out my ideas below:


  • Hot Chocolate or Snowman Soup with marshmallows and a bottle of squirty cream
  • Fruit Juice or Squash or milkshake with a festive cup and straw
  • Miniature bottles of spirit for the adults or the ingredients to make festive cocktails
  • Christmas Movie (DVD or on TV, Netflix etc)
  • Christmas Book (Unless you’re doing a book advent!)
  • New PJ’s, nightie or onesie
  • Cuddly Toy
  • Sweets or Chocolate or the traditional selection box!
  • Homemade cookies, brownies or cakes
  • Savoury Snacks / Crisps
  • Festive Bath Bombs for a relaxing bath
  • Board game for everyone to play
  • Reindeer Food to sprinkle in the garden
  • Popcorn with some popcorn flavouring to sprinkle on top
  • A “Nice” certificate you can whizz up on your computer for the kids
  • Christmas colouring book and pencils (for kids or adults)
  • Lottery Ticket (for the adults)




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