Dotty’s Tea House, Carshalton

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When I was randomly looking through my Facebook posts this November, I noticed this eye catching advert from a local teahouse to where I live.


It looked so inviting and I am always on the lookout for fun things to do to celebrate the season, so I gave them a call and booked my space for the beginning of December.

As it was, My mum and I were so sick with this flu bug that’s been going around so we didn’t really feel like attending when the day came! However we’d paid a deposit, were feeling a little brighter and decided to give it a go.


Oh wow! We were not disappointed.  We received a delightful welcome from the staff and they immediately arranged to bring us tea. Very soon afterwards out came out plate of delicious goodies.


There were enough sandwiches to feed a small army (especially as we hadn’t eaten anything in days and still were not that hungry) with a delicious wedge of salad in the middle. Everything was so fresh and inviting and the sandwich selection was great. My favourite was the turkey, bacon and cranberry! Very festive indeed.


Next up were the scones. Needless to say – they were also amazing. I have to be honest when I say that these scones are the best I have ever tasted. So light and fluffy and still warm.


Finally was a selection of festive cakes. This little gingerbread man made me smile.

Because I am allergic to nuts, I also received a special side plate of cakes without nuts.


It was so thoughtful and the flavours were amazing. Lemon meringue? Yes please!

Needless to say though, we didn’t really eat much of the cake layer.  Instead we explained to the staff we’d not been feeling too well recently and they were more than happy to package it up in lovely neat boxes and let us take it home with us.

I was so happy with everything about this afternoon tea – just wish I’d been in a better frame of mind to eat it all. If you’re ever in Carshalton definitely check them out! You won’t regret it.

In fact, we have booked to go again in March for a family birthday so watch out then for another review 🙂



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