Goodwin’s Restaurant Chorley: A Review

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We recently embarked on a road trip to see family in the North of the country and happened upon this cute restaurant. As soon as I saw there was a festive menu on offer we had to step inside and try!  We opted for a three course meal which cost £18.99 per person.

Mr S started with the Chicken, Smoked ham hock & apricot terrine.


He declared it to be delicious! Well presented on the plate, the only thing he didn’t eat was the onion relish but that’s his personal preference rather than anything to do with the food.  There was plenty there for a starter too! They certainly didn’t scrimp.


I ordered the Festive homemade nachos. Oh wow! So yummy. The tortillas were basically the flour wraps cut up and fried or baked. It was topped with a bunch of deliciousness. I felt it lacked a little bit of a kick, but a sprinkling of pepper over the top perked it up!


We both opted for the festive burger for our main, a massive tower stacked burger with bacon and cheese and brie. Slightly disappointed that they had run out of the Brussel sprout slaw and gave us pickle instead but the handmade burger patty was delicious and made up for it.


Mr S opted for the triple chocolate brownie for desert. He was in heaven. A sickly sweet, overindulgent pudding that ticked all of the boxes – and sooo much chocolate sauce. Maybe a little overkill on chocolate for me!



I decided to go for the festive gingerbread cheesecake. I’m a massive fan of cheesecake & I liked the sound of this one.  Nice crumbly base, scrumptious sauce but the actual cheesecake bit was a tad dull and not enough of it to hold the flavour. Way too much spray cream too  – not for everyone and certainly not for me.  The gingerbread cake on top of the cheesecake however was lovely.  I managed to eat half of it before giving up.

Overall – really great value for money – a festive menu unlike any I’ve seen previously and brilliant for offering lots of options rather than your regular boring turkey!

We are totally going back next time we visit family!

The food was lovely & plentiful, the atmosphere was quiet and relaxed and the surroundings were comfortable. There is ample parking in front of the restaurant & everything was reasonably priced.  Check them out for yourself when you’re next in Lancashire.  CLICK HERE for their website link.


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