Dotty’s Tea House, Carshalton, Surrey

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I actually think I am a little obsessed with the whole afternoon tea thing. I mean, what’s not to love about fresh sandwiches, scones, cake and copious amounts of tea?


I am super lucky to live very close to Dotty’s Tea House in Carshalton, Surrey and because I so enjoyed my Christmas themed afternoon tea  – I decided to take the family there to celebrate a birthday!


I certainly made the right choice too – the food was equally as delicious as our festive treat was.  I’m a special case because I am allergic to nut’s and as a result I was provided my very own tiered plate of treats!  They were pretty much the same as what everyone else had though, with just a couple of substitutions.


We started with a range of little mini savoury bites. This was something I’ve not had before at an afternoon tea – usually it’s just sandwiches and the like, so it was a welcome change to be able to try something new.  Unfortunately they were not to my taste at all. They looked pretty enough, but they were a little bland and uninspired.  The mini quiche however were delicious and came in three different flavours too which was great – I only wish they had four of the same quiche flavours so we could all try the same flavour at the same time.


Next up we had the most gorgeous sandwiches which were topped up for us when we asked for more – can you believe we asked for more?? They were so delicious!  Coronation chicken, ham & mustard, egg mayo and salmon – we loved them all.


The scones are quite simply the best I have ever tasted. I’m going back just for them if I am honest. Light, Fluffy, excellent flavour and warm! Perfect combination with some jam and cream! My partner is allergic to strawberries and so they very kindly subbed us for a raspberry jam too which was no trouble for them at all.  We are a little bit of a special needs family when it comes to food.


Then finally we were able to tuck into a delicious range of cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, lemon tarts & macaroons.  I literally couldn’t have been happier.


I love how everything is served up on pretty miss matched crockery, as somehow it makes it look more authentic!  Overall a really great experience and we even took a doggy bag away with us!  Oh and I have to mention the tea – so many choices and every single one is amazing.


Absolutely, five star feedback from us and a hearty recommendation to go visit if you’re ever in the area !




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