St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

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We totally stumbled across St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh by mistake – Okay I appreciate you can’t really miss if because lets face it – it’s massive!! However we hadn’t specifically set out to go explore it on purpose, we were just walking by!  So it felt like a really great find!


The church was founded in about 1124 by King Alexander. That in itself is incredible in my eyes! So much history in this one building. I can’t even begin to imagine what these walls have witnessed over the years!


It was a beautiful and serene church. So quiet and peaceful you didn’t really want to talk in whispers even.  When you did, it echoed all around these stunning walls.


Whilst it was free to go in and look around we paid £2 for a special photographer pass which allowed us to take photos inside. I’m glad we did because I love my photos and not to have a memory of this would have been disappointing!


The stained glass windows in St Giles’ Cathedral were amazing. The earliest apparently was inserted in 1873.



There is a beautiful carved pulpit which dates back to 1873 when it was produced and put in place. It was designed by William Hay and is made of Caen Stone. It stands on green marble pillars. The carvings on the pulpit represent the six Acts of Mercy from the bible – feeding the hungry, giving drinks to the thirsty, sheltering the stranger, clothing the naked, comforting the sick and visiting prisoners.


John Knox was a preacher of the Scottish Reformation in 1560 and he was minister of the cathedral until his death in 1572.  He is buried in the church yard which has since been paved over and is now parliament square.


The history of this place amazed me. Its sheer size was overwhelming.  Each Sunday services are still held here too!


Like always I urge you to look up! There is so much to miss if you don’t! More stained glass windows and the most beautiful arches I’ve seen in any church or cathedral!


The church is now a Presbyterian Church and you can find out more details here >>>




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