3 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Under £20

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This year in the UK Mother’s Day falls on 22nd March. That is literally less than two weeks away -but don’t panic! Today, I want to share with you, 3 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can have delivered in time for Mother’s Day and what’s even better, they all cost less than £20.

  1. Tickled Pink You’re My Mum (for the Mum who has everything)


So my first idea is something fun and something I’ve done previously as a quirky little gift for my own mum.  I headed into the high street and basically in every shop I went in, looked for items that were pink or red in colour. They also had to be something that I knew she would use and love.  As you can see from the photo I ended up with a mix of food treats, some toiletries and pamper items, a CD, a photo album and some buttons for her craft hobby.

I put all of these items into a cardboard box which I decorated inside with pink tissue paper. I wrote a big note on the top of the box to let her know I was “tickled pink she was my Mum” and then wrapped the box in pink wrapping paper.

This gift idea, although inexpensive, shows a lot of care and thought went into it’s creation. It is a perfect practical gift for a Mum that “already has everything” and whom you don’t know what to buy.

2. The Gift Of Memories – (For the Mum who cherishes photographs)


If you have a Mum who loves taking photos but only ever shares them on Facebook, then this could be the perfect gift that you’ve been looking for.  A photo slate.  Something a little different to the standard photo frame that you would traditionally put on the wall, and something that can be displayed in a more unique way.

They are super quality, really heavy and solid and they have a lovely glossy finish which makes your photos shine.  Each slate is cut slightly differently, so no two are the same.  They also come with a set of feet to stand on and in a gift box too!  A gift that can be on display and appreciated all year round.

You can find them here starting at £19.99

3. A Foodie Gift (for the Mum on a diet)


One of the go to gifts for Mum’s on Mother’s Day is usually a nice bar of chocolate or an entire box!  If she’s on a diet though, that’s probably not helpful or supportive in the slightest!

How about creating her a special little stash of some slimming treats she loves and presenting them in a personalised “Syn Stash” tin.  The tin itself is just £8.99 and can be found by clicking here.

Fill it with some of her favourite treats, but add on a little sticker to each one,  telling her what the Syns are. Saves her a job in checking and shows you’ve put some thought into her gift too!

You can find the syns on popular chocolates and treats easily online on Pinterest.

Other Gifts

There are many other last minute gift ideas out there too –  if you find yourself stuck with what to buy – think about all the things your Mum loves. Does she shop in a certain store all the time (vouchers), does she enjoy going to the cinema (treat her), has she got any hobbies (could you buy something she needs for that hobby),  Could she do with the gift of time, or pampering session. Mother’s Day doesn’t just have to be about Chocolates and Flowers!



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